What Career Is Suitable For Me?

Deciding on a chosen career is tricky. Much is clear from the outset about what areas they are interested in and choosing the appropriate majors, and then explore a career that suits their interests. But not infrequently some are still confused about what kind of career even after graduation. This time Hotcourses wants to share what things to consider when choosing the career field that is right for us?

A few simple questions:

• What areas of study do you enjoy doing?

• What work is of interest to you (whether you have heard it or that you have worked with)?

• What activities did you enjoy the most?

• What topics do you enjoy discussing with friends or people around you?

• Without considering income, what work do you enjoy?

While this may sound simple, your answer may be more than one for each of the questions above. Dont worry. Write your answers on a piece of paper and proceed to the next step. You do not have to solve all these questions at the same time.

Analyze Your Expertise

Get to know your skills. What types of jobs or fields can you do well? What skills can be applied in a job / career in what field?

Example: Let’s say you are persuasive and sociable, able to convince people around you to accept your perception. You can apply these skills to marketing or customer service. If it is added that it turns out you have multi-language talent, a hobby of sharing knowledge with others, happy to understand people, then you can consider a career as a foreign language teacher. If you have someone caring, likes to socialize, likes to help, and has an interest in medicine, likes children, you might consider a career as a pediatrician.

Find out the options available outside

If you have interests in the same two fields and have difficulty making choices, you can think about whether you can link the two fields. It is not impossible to explore two fields at once. So you don’t need to sacrifice one interest for another.

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