[Grammar] Live on or reside in Main Street?

street walk

There’s been a recent and vital crime spike on New York City subways, thanks mainly to teams of serial pickpockets who victimize commuters on public transit. Many travelers hesitate, questioning whether New York’s subway system is protected, particularly at night. However, certain subway stations are extra dangerous than others—and one examine discovered that most of the busiest ones even have the very best crime rates, together with Port Authority, 34th Street-Penn Station, and 161st Street-Yankee Stadium.

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Granted, most locations experience the altering of the seasons in a multi-dimensional manner. However, the ways by which New Yorkers really feel the variations are as highly effective and unique as the folks themselves. In a city so loud and fast, we actually turn out to be chronically in sync with the more delicate features of life.

The Ramble was built to resemble a wild forest and … Read More

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