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UFOs, weird Brazil prison escape & Galveston police photo goes viral – Daily News Weekly – Durasi: 9 menit, 52 detik.

When Patterson and McCormick could not agree on the editorial content material of the Chicago paper, the two cousins decided at a meeting in Paris that Patterson would work on the venture of launching a Tribune-owned newspaper in New York. On his return, Patterson met with Alfred Harmsworth, who was the Viscount Northcliffe and writer of the Daily Mirror, London’s tabloid newspaper. Impressed with the advantages of a tabloid, Patterson launched the Daily News on June 26, 1919. The Daily News could be owned by the Tribune Company until 1993.

The paper’s social media employees had been included in the reduce; photographs and memes that were later deleted were posted on its Twitter feed. The Daily News was founded by Joseph Medill Patterson in 1919, because the Illustrated Daily … Read More