NYC's Safest & Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

street walk

The Empire State’s healthy popularity is undoubtedly because of the high population of New York City, probably the most populous metropolitan area in the United States and New York’s largest metropolis. NYC homes greater than 8 million individuals, or almost half of the state’s 19 million residents. The concept of metropolis block could be generalized as a superblock or sub-block. A city block, urban block or just block is a central component of city planning and urban design. Blocks of 80, forty, and 10 acres establish a street grid at the outskirts which continues into the more finely divided downtown area.

While major thoroughfares like Broadway and even Prince and Spring Streets are almost at all times clogged with pedestrians (especially on weekends), the smaller aspect streets are usually much quieter and really nice to stroll down. We can recognize every customer wanting to go to Times Square no less … Read More

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