How to Get the Most out of a Legal Consultation


A good consultation is all about the best questions being asked and answered. As the professional within the room, it’s your job to ensure that this happens, even when your client is unprepared. You will only have a short window of time to drag as much worth out of your advisor as attainable.

The session should happen with a view to reaching settlement with the appropriate representatives and must include dialogue about ways of avoiding the redundancies, reducing the numbers to be dismissed and mitigating the implications of any redundancies. Requirement – Some people, such as company staff, are mandated by rules to see a doctor for a common consultation no less than once a year. The results of the examination are then forwarded to the company for storage and monitoring.

The session should be undertaken by the employer with a view to reaching settlement with appropriate representatives. Employers and staff can agree procedures which are different from those set out in the directive, and may meet their obligations by means of existing agreements on data and consultation. Whatever points are agreed upon as being acceptable for dialogue it’s important that they are relevant to the group of staff that will be discussing them.

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Consultation entails taking account of as well as listening to the views of employees and should therefore happen earlier than selections are made. Making a pretence of consulting on issues that have already been decided is unproductive and engenders suspicion and distrust concerning the process amongst workers.

They are not employed via the HR department and therefore aren’t on payroll and not covered by the agency’s wage price range. Secondly, usually, contractors are engaged because they’ve very specific skills and data not obtainable in the worker group. Be aware that if you make one particular person redundant and then make use of another individual within three months to undertake the same position, this will be in breach of redundancy laws.

In that case it’s for the agency to look to its morals if it keeps contractors on whereas making employees redundant. The agency should anticipate the commitment of those staff remaining to be broken – and it might also get a visit from HMRC (pursuing undeclared taxes) if an agrieved employee suggestions them they wink. The drawback when workers make suggestions is that the recommendations are sometimes a bit superficial – just because employees do not understand the whole picture. A termination notice tells you when the final day of your employment might be, e.g. the day you will be made redundant.

This could be shared with employees to improve the quality of employee ideas. (Employers proceed to have a duty to act fairly and reasonably in handling redundancies and informing and consulting affected workers individually, whatever the number of dismissals).

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