What occurs during a redundancy consultation?


Termination notices cannot be issued till after the consultation has been completed, even when the session needs to transcend the minimum interval. If your employer is considering making 20 or extra employees redundant at one establishment within a 90-day period, they need to consult with employee representatives. Only workers are included when counting the number of redundancies, not ‘employees’ with out employment status. If your employer is considering making redundancies, they should consult with any employees that could be affected by their determination.

Asking staff not being made redundant to pick up work from those redundant will likely trigger decreased commitment in those remaining. The responses are from the supervisor’s perspective and will have to be interpreted earlier than responding. If the session is genuinely accomplished within the minimal interval you could be issued with a termination notice. This can not take impact till after the minimum session period ends … Read More

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It is essential that worker representatives know exactly how much time they will be allowed away from their regular work to undertake their duties as a committee member and what amenities they’re entitled to make use of. Employee representatives must also be reassured that they will not lose pay because of attending committee conferences or of carrying out different activities associated with committee meetings. Without adequate, paid time away from normal duties there is a danger that representatives will solely be able to put ahead a personal view rather than the view of their constituents, thus undermining the effectiveness of the consultation process. Joint consultative committees (JCC), or works councils as they’re typically identified, have long been used as a way of employee consultation.

The committees are made up of managers and worker representatives who come together on a regular … Read More

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An assurance that the consultative course of will not detract from the powers or choices of the recognised negotiating physique might go some way to allaying union fears. However, the answer will depend very a lot on the connection between administration and trade union representatives and their respective dedication to the consultation course of. While continuity of membership among administration representatives is an advantage it may be useful for managers to be replaced periodically in order to permit their colleagues a chance to achieve experience of participating in a consultation committee.

This could be shared with workers to improve the standard of worker suggestions. (Employers proceed to have an obligation to act pretty and reasonably in handling redundancies and informing and consulting affected staff individually, whatever the number of dismissals).


It might be useful to resolve upon the diploma of session first and to inform people what the choice … Read More